Friday, January 24, 2020

Family Fun ...

Almost no captions.  If you don't know who these people are, just know that they are MY PEOPLE.  I love every single one (no favorites).

Ryan and Laura and friends.

(Ryan's beautiful grandparents.)

I have more, but that's enough for today.

Have a great day/night/weekend/week/month!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Wednesday Whimsy

- from LoneStar Antiques, 5605 Denton Highway, Fort Worth, TX (Haltom City)...

That is all.
Have a great rest-of-the-week!

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Trivia Tuesday

Julie Andrews could sing notes only dogs could hear at the age of seven.

Reportedly, Walt Disney's famous trademark signature was designed for him
by one of his animators.

Japan has a LOT of islands! I’m talking a LOT! To be exact, this country has 6,582 islands, of which only 6% are inhabited. The four main islands of Japan are Kyushu, Honshu, Hokkaido, and Shikoku.


About the word gray/grey:  this one word is spelled two different ways, and yet no one seems confident that they’re correct. Apparently, neither way is wrong  — it just depends on your location! In the US, gray is the more popular spelling while those in the UK, Ireland, and Australia typically use grey. (If you can’t remember, here’s a trick: A in America, E in Europe.)

And here are some shades of gray/grey...


In 1993, NYPD Blue became the first R-rated show in television history. Twenty-five percent of ABC's 225 affiliates chose to pre-empt the first episode.

September 3, 1967 started out as the typical Sunday morning in Sweden. Except for one little detail. This was the day that Swedish officials decided to switch from driving on the left side to driving on the right side of the road. Apparently not everyone was aware of this switch. There was chaos, confusion, and crashes.

Which animal did President Obama name the first national mammal of the U.S.? BISON

What is the most densely populated country on Earth? Located on the French Riviera in Western Europe, Monaco has an area of 0.78 square miles and a population of about 37,800.

That is all for today.
Have a great week!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Our Late Christmas...

Will is the best gift giver EVER.
Here he is giving his Grandmother (whose name he picked) a gift where she can look at pictures anytime. ANYTIME - with no fuss.

Did I say, "Will is the best giver ever." ?
He knows people. He has an intuitive sense in what people want/need. Will has always been this way. ALWAYS.
Will is our first born. Maybe he is that way because he is a White and a Carmack??  Well, I think Sam and I have a sense of folks - and what they are 'into'. I'd like to think he inherited it from us. Well, at least from Sam.
Well, Will has always been smart.

I was just going to put up pictures of our 'late Christmas' - which has been happening the last 3 (or 4) Januarys when it's Martin Luther King Jr. weekends - when Laura and her family fly in from Portland, Oregon. We keep up our Christmas decorations - and celebrate when they come.

So we had a great time.

Ah, but can you believe I did NOT get a group picture??
Well, I have one in my mind... of our kids and grandkids - and Elizabeth and her family - and Ryan's brother and wife Stephanie. 
They're gorgeous people.
Take my word for it.

I'll close with granddaughter Nell's favorite gift...

Oh, and here is some art on the butcher paper I used as table cloth...
Nell drew this.
Andrew drew this.
Laura drew this.
Ryan drew this--- for his brother who is a SCUBA diver.

So we didn't have a Christmas tree (first time ever).
but we did have a Christmas train
that Sam bought at "AT HOME"
(formerly GARDEN RIDGE.)
It was (is) fun - and easier to put away than a tree. YAY!

So NOW Carmack Christmas is over.
It was fun.
And yum.

And now we're relaxing,
which frankly is my best part of Christmas.

Diet and exercise start next week.