Friday, November 17, 2017

Puns for funs.

Here we go...


 I've put this next one up before. I like it.

Now you are probably pun overloaded.  (I don't think that's a pun.)

I have a favorite. Do you?

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Trivia Tuesday

Sparta, Wisconsin is known as the Bicycling Capital of America.

That guy up there is known as Ben Bikin, an appropriate name!

I know (well, not personally) this town because my cousin Teri (whom I know personally) lives there!
She is actually my 'first-cousin-once removed', meaning that her dad Dave is my first cousin and of my generation, and Teri is cousin Dave's daughter, hence she is one generation removed. That's how I understand that terminology. (She feels more like a first cousin to me, though.)

Here she is with her beautiful/handsome family...
Teri's husband Richard is a Sergeant First Class in the Army, and he is currently running a range and instructing on weapons handling at Ft. Hood, TX. That is an important job, and I want to thank him for his service. (And he's been in hot spots overseas a lot, and told us about it at a family reunion awhile back.)
Teri earns a lot of credit for 'holding down the fort' in Sparta while Richard is away from home, serving our country. 

Thanks to all of you!!!

Here are her boys in a more recent picture...
That's David and Nathaniel.
They are wonderful specimens of humanity!
(That's my new term for WONDERFULNESS.)
And I'm sure they ride their bikes a lot,
since they live in the Bicycling Capital of America!


In other trivia news,
Jim Davis, who created the popular comic strip "Garfield"
had 25 cats as a child on his small family farm.

Garfield was named after Jim Davis’ grandfather James A. Garfield Davis, who was named after President James A. Garfield.

Garfield is set in Jim Davis’ hometown of Muncie, Indiana, but that’s also mostly left unsaid.

Garfield holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s most widely syndicated comic strip.
Garfield is syndicated in more than 2500 hundred newspapers and journals. The cat also has nearly 17 million fans on Facebook. That’s one seriously popular feline.

The Macy’s Parade once named Shamu the Whale as the largest balloon ever in the festivities, but Davis says Garfield was actually larger.
He's pretty big!


Other trivia...
Sean Penn was just 13-years old when he made his debut on the Little House on the Prairie. He appeared in the episode ‘The Voice of Tinker Jones’ being cast by his dad.


Colgate's first toothpaste came in a jar.


A full grown turkey has about how many feathers?  3,500

A snood is the loose skin under a male turkey’s neck.


The very first interactive type of video game was created in 1962 by M.I.T. students Steve Russell, Alan Kotok, and Shag Graetz. Their invention was called “Spacewar!” and they used early prototypes of joysticks to play this game.
Here's a picture I found of that...


That's my trivia for today.

Have a great week!!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

That was the week that was.

We had quite a week this past week.

Lots happened.

Here's one thing:
Elizabeth texted me this great picture.
That is Andrew wearing his Great Granddaddy Andy's cowboy hat,
and holding his Grandma Peggy's guitar.

Isn't that great?
And don't you just love how happy Andrew looks?


On Wednesday we went to OK City for our monthly board meeting,
and look what was just outside the front of the bank building...

Being a Lower Rio Grande Valley Girl - growing up in Mission, TX -
I am ALWAYS amazed when I see such beauty.
Well, Mission had its own beauty, but not trees like that!

On that very day (November 8), my dear sister-in-law (one of my best friends)
celebrated a birthday (I won't say which)!!!
AND the big news this year was that in August she and Ken celebrated 50 years of marriage!!!

And here they are with their kids and grandkids...
Now that is a super great picture!!!



The next day, November 9th, was precious Anna's 7th birthday.
She's my twin's youngest grandchild and I love her so much.

(I don't know why there is so much space here.)

Here is one of my favorite pictures of her...
(We weren't that red-faced in real life.)

And here she was a little later...

And here she is now!
Isn't Anna beautiful?
(And she is beautiful inside, too.)


Then Saturday, November 11, Nell turned 4 (four)!!!
I don't know how that can be because she was only born a few months ago, right?

Ah, but it seems like she's always been with me. 

And here we are at her birthday party Saturday...


I will conclude my week's news with this...

After Nell's birthday party we attended our neighborhood's chili cookoff.
Sam made our chili!
It was super deluxe!!!

Here he is with Liam...

It was a fun chili party, we got to meet lots of folks,
and eat some YUM.

So that was our week.

It was great!!!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Trivia Tuesday

Yoko Ono is 84 years old. She was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1933.

Her name translates into English as "Ocean Child"
Her father was the descendant of a 9th Century Emperor of Japan. Her mother, was the granddaughter of Zenijiro Yasuda, the founder of Yasuda Bank.

Her second husband (she had three), film producer Tony Cox, kidnapped and hid their daughter, Kyoko, and joined a Christian cult, cutting off all communication from Ono. Ono did not see her daughter until Kyoko was 31-years-old.

She met her third husband, John Lennon, at the Indica Art Gallery in London in 1966. 


Here's some popcorn trivia...

Popcorn is the official snack of Illinois. Since 1958, there has been an annual “Popcorn Day.
That picture makes my mouth water.

Popcorn has more protein than any other cereal grain. It also has more iron than eggs or roast beef. It has more fiber than pretzels or potato chips.

There are about 1,600 popcorn kernels in 1 cup.


Here's some trivia about Waco, TX, which I'm sure you want to know.

(AND It includes some info about TCU.)

Waco was once known as the "Athens of Texas" because of Baylor University, TCU, Paul Quinn College and two business schools.

TCU was founded as AddRan College in Fort Worth in 1869; however, it moved to Thorp Spring in 1874 and to Waco in 1895 and became known as Texas Christian University in 1910. The university was lured back to Ft. Worth in 1911 after a fire destroyed its Old Main building.

Jules Bledsoe, who popularized the song "Ole Man River," was born in Waco.


On November 7th 1965 The Pillsbury Doughboy, 'Poppin' Fresh,' was born.
He made his debut in a commercial for crescent rolls.


On November 9, 1963 The enigmatic 'Louie Louie' was released by the Kingsmen.

It tells, in simple verse-chorus form, the first-person story of a Jamaican sailor returning to the island to see his lady love. (Interesting. I just found that out on Wikipedia. If you know otherwise, let me know.)

And you may know this: you can sing about Moses with the tune of this song:

Pharoah, Pharoah, oh baby let my people go.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
(And there are some good verses.)


That is my trivia for today.
Yes, it's pretty random.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Three bits of news...

1. I'm starting a contest. It's called GRANDDAD OF THE YEAR CONTEST.
It's really not a fair contest, because I already know the winner.
The winner is my husband Sam!
We watch our two Texas grandkids 3 times a week: about 2 1/2 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays and all day Fridays. As you may know, I play background music in the LoneStar Antiques tea room every Friday from 11:30-1:30.
I've told you this before, I think, but not in the GRANDDAD OF THE YEAR contest application.

Sam will take care of Nell and Liam at 10:30 (I watch them from 9:00 till then), then I go get ready to go to the tea room. Sam puts Liam down for his nap around 11:30ish - then gets him up later, changes his diaper, and feeds him, usually before I get home around 1:50.
Besides all of that Sam is ever the babysitter. My back started hurting not long ago, so Sam lifts Liam whenever he needs lifting.
Did I tell you that lately Sam has been getting the groceries for all of us? AND he's been washing his own clothes, AND he's been dusting, and cleaning our floors with our wonderful Roomba floor cleaner.
Yes. Sam's retirement years are MARVELOUS (for me)!!

He's not only winning the GRANDDAD OF THE YEAR AWARD, he's also winning the HOUSEHUSBAND AWARD!!!!

I need to order him a crown. I bet they sell those on


2. Friday, as I was playing in the tea room while Sam was earning his crown, look who came and had lunch with me? (Well, I knew they were coming.) :)
Yes, that's my beautiful mother in the middle. Her dear friend Edith brought her and I joined them for some yummy lunch.  It was a great time, then I got back to the piano and played another round of "Autumn Leaves", while they visited." What a treat!


3. As many of you know, my niece and her husband had a pilot show with HGTV. (Thanks for watching!) It got rave reviews from everyone I know who saw it, including HGTV.
So what happened?
I'll copy and paste their BLACK DOOR HOME post on Facebook.

And YES, you will be SHOCKED!!!... but read the whole thing, it tells you who they really are: which is WONDERFUL.

Well, we found out our show on HGTV did not get picked up and we are a little bummed honestly! BUT what we can tell you is that we had a ton of fun filming and we think that the over 1.3 million people who watched got a pretty good glimpse into what our life looks like. But there are some things you couldn't see in a 30-minute episode - like the daily life of juggling a business, homeschooling three kids and serving on City Council while also flipping an awesome house in just 7 weeks, which is completely unheard of at this magnitude. Or what a real renovation business looks like when it's a full time job and providing for your family is a real thing. Or what it looks like to quit your secure, salaried job to start something new and unknown and how, on paper, it looks crazy but through work, grit and sheer determination, you grow a non-existent company into a full-blown brand. Black Door Home Co was born at our dinner table, after months of brainstorming what life could look like if we were brave. On paper, we should have different jobs - John is an attorney with a degree from Georgetown Law and I worked for the United States Senate before staying home with our kids. But we don't want to do what is expected or what looks right on paper. We want something different - something greater than the status quo. We started with seed money from family and John worked in our garage for months with baby chickens running around his feet. In July 2017, we merged with Stately Design and Renovation's Rick Baker to form Black Door Renovation. In just over 19 months, we have renovated over 100 homes and somehow, by the grace of God we were featured on HGTV twice. We have no idea where this journey will take us - but it was amazing and we are thankful and better for it. Black Door Home Co is still a premiere and award-winning renovation and design business in DFW and we look forward to what the next year brings. We know this: John 14:27 "Peace I give to you, my peace I leave with you." We are immensely thankful for those who believe in us and are at peace with this decision, although we think we would have had a great run.

Yes, I was shocked their show didn't 'make it'.
I mean, I don't know how it could have been better!

Here are Sam and I with John and Elizabeth at LoneStar Flip's watching party in late August...
Needless to say, I am so proud of John and Elizabeth!
And I'm proud of the Granddad/House Husband of the year!


So those are my three things for today.

I have more things for another day.
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

'Twas the Day after Halloween...

... and all through my mind
there were pictures of super heroes
and Disney princesses and even a panda from time to time!

Yesterday morning I got to go to a party where super hero Wonder Woman was!
Granddaughter Nell was in costume at her preschool and, well, I should have gotten her autograph!

The whole preschool was involved, and it was FUN!!

Here are some more of the classes...
Do you see the astronaut?
Wow. I was (am) impressed by all of those costumes!
(I am not going to say what preschool it is, because, well, I don't want just anyone to know!)


Way up in Oregon was my Oregonian grandson!!
Whoa. I think that is a real Panda Bear!!
No, I think that might be Ransom.
I think.


On Halloween's Eve, we had some cute trick or treaters...

And their parents...

I saved this picture of Superman till the last, because I wanted to celebrate him today.
Superman is 2 (TWO) today!!
(Actually that is really Liam.)