Saturday, March 17, 2018

Some funnies for TODAY!

Seth: What do you call a fake Irish stone?
Spencer: What?
Seth: A shamrock!

David: Mom, I met an Irish boy on St. Patrick’s Day.
Mom: Oh, really?
David: No, O’Reilly!

Joe: Why shouldn’t you iron a four-leaf clover?
Bob: Tell me.
Joe: You might press your luck!

Peyton: What did the leprechaun say on March 17?
Cody: I dunno.
Peyton: “Irish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Fun home decor and fun food design!

First, some fun home decor...



Now for some fun food...

Well, I thought that was fun.
 You can click HERE for my other blog post with creative home decor, and creative food design.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Trivia Tuesday

In Japan, letting a sumo wrestler make your baby cry is considered good luck.

Babies held by amateur sumo wrestlers cry during the 'baby-cry sumo' competition
at the Irugi shrine in Tokyo on September 21, 2014.


Car accidents rise 10% during the first week of daylight savings time.
(You don't need a picture for that.)


Luby’s cafeterias were founded in 1947 in San Antonio, TX by Robert Luby (1910-1998).

Winston Churchill's mother was born in Brooklyn.
That's Lady Churchill with young Winston.


There's this....


Saint Patrick's Day began as a "feast day". To honor him, Christians could put aside their Lenten restrictions on food and alcohol consumption, which is why excessive drinking has become linked to the celebration.


After Hitler ordered the deportation of Denmark's Jewish population, Danish citizens organized a massive evacuation of the Jews to neutral Sweden, despite the risks. In the end, 99% of Danish Jews survived the Holocaust.


There are more than 7,000 languages spoken in the world, and they are constantly changing and adapting based on the community and surroundings. About 1/3 of these languages are on the verge of becoming extinct.


That's all for today.

Have a great week.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Tennesseans and the Texans Got Together!!

We had a little family reunion last week!
From left (clockwise): Texans Sam, John, Elizabeth, Bailey, Liam, Nell, Will, Mother-Margaret (who is way back at the other table), and Tennesseans Warren and and his son Jim (my first cousin).

 Here's my Mother-Margaret with three of her great-grandchildren: Andrew, Anna, and Caroline.

All of those above folks may not have been born in Texas or Tennessee, but I'm claiming those states for them because they live there now - and have for a long time.
My mother and her little brother Warren were born in Wisconsin; my husband Sam and my son Will were born in Oklahoma; AND my great niece Caroline was born in (or right outside of) Washington D.C!

My cousin Jim (whom we always call "Tennessee Jim") always flies his dad (and/or other family members) down to the Dallas area in this plane...

You could call Tennessee Jim 'A Man for All Seasons', or a 'Renaissance Man'.
He is a lawyer in Nashville, TN, having graduated from the prestigious Georgetown University Law School in D.C. (as did Elizabeth's husband John!), and he (Jim) is an instrument-rated pilot, and flies sick or injured folks from all over - to hospitals (I can't remember the organization he flies for), AND he is a scuba diver, AND among many other things (like singing in the Nashville Symphony Chorus (unsure of the name), he is a tutor to tiny tots like little Nell!!

Here is Jim and Nell working on spelling some words Nell wants to spell (this was after she spelled out NELL for Jim). And they're not words like 'dog' or 'cat'. The first word (as I recall) that she wanted to spell was GRAMMY! Talk about a wonderful word.

Then she did some spelling, with her 'Uncle Jim's' help. I referred to him as 'Uncle', though technically she is his 'first cousin twice removed'. (He is my first cousin and she is twice removed from our generation.) (That's how I understand it.)
Jim had such patience.
If he weren't a lawyer he could work in a preschool.

Here's Nell's little brother Liam, playing in the "Little House". We call it that because it has a mail box and a front door. It's fun!

Speaking of Uncle Jim, here he is with Liam during a visit about a year and a half ago..
 I'm telling you, Jim, if you don't want to be a lawyer, you can use me as a reference if you want to work in a daycare center, or preschool!

Well, that is all for now.

There's more to tell, like our El Fenix trips, and Tommy's Tamales trip. [Those Tennesseans know where to come for good Mexican Food.]
That will be for another blog post, though, as I'm not into long blog posts.
Ah, but I WILL blog later about this special year for El Fenix, and the special news about Tommy's Tamales.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Do you want to see an amazing drawing??

Actually I have several amazing drawings, by one amazing artist.

His name is Joshua Chavez, and he will impress you.

On Facebook he lists his day job as 'dishwasher/LoneStar Antiques'.

Here's a picture I took of him last week... 

Get ready to be amazed...
Yes, that is Audrey Hepburn, and no, he didn't trace that.
He drew it from a picture he had.

Before he posted that one, he posted this...

About this one Josh wrote, "Well, this is the most that that I've gotten on a face in one night.
It's also been awhile since I've drawn teeth, so this should be interesting."

Well, I would definitely say he nailed it!!

Josh is a humble guy, and well, he's one of my favorite people in the world, just so you know.

Here is just some more of his work. (He told me I could get them off of Facebook)...

Those are just a very few of his drawings.
I am amazed at the detail.
What a talent.

I told you you'd be impressed.