Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Feeling good.

I'm wearing my necklace and earrings from Kenya. They're beautiful, but not as beautiful as the person who gave them to me this morning. (Thank you!!!)

I'm resting after a big day in the rain. I'm ready for some sunshine now.

I'm hosting a big supper in one hour and fifteen minutes - for 7 people -- and I have done nada to get ready. Nada, zilch. I'm so glad for Railhead Barbecue. Drive through the drive-through... drive home... supper's ready. mm

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Company is wonderful. Company can be exhausting. Right now I'm feeling both about Company. But I am loving it. Well, as long as I get some solitude every now and then. Solitude came last night, so I'm ready to go. Ready-freddy.

And I am SO READY to see my little girl (she's no longer little, really) who has been in Kenya for two weeks. I am so ready. Ready-freddy.

And I am eagerly awaiting my little great niece to come down the stairs in her mother's arms so I can give her a hug. When you're almost 5 months old you need lots of hugs from great aunts. And I'm ready-freddy.

Oh yes.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Getting the hang of it.

Okay. I just filled out some blanks on the Profile section. Hmm. I hadn't given much thought to what kind of music I like lately. Hmm. Somehow I think I should have put down some Christian music. Truth is, lately I've not listened to much. There used to be a time when I thought that the only kind of music - or literature - or anything- I gave any attention to had to be Christian. Odd, that, since I feel closer to God now than ever. Maybe I was trying to feel close to Him. Or maybe I was trying to LOOK like I felt close to Him. Hmm. Anyway, there is a victory in saying that I don't feel that need any longer - listen, or read, or heed in every single way - to all things "Christian".
Is this blasphemy? If you're reading this and you are thinking of shaming me --- go ahead. I can take it -- NOW. Used to be, no. Pride goes before the fall. Well, I've fallen already - and am joyfully declaring that I don't play by the shame-game and legalism that I used to.
Read Galatians 5:1. It is my song now.
Thank goodness.

Hey, I'm getting the hang of this blog posting business. You know, letting your thoughts out for the whole world to read. Not that it would want to. Part of it might, though. Like you- if you're reading this.

(I don't think I'll proofread this. I want it to stay spontaneous.-- So excuse the typos.)

Starting Now!

Starting now I'm blogging. It's about time. I've been reading others' blogs for years. I've posted comments anonymously but never dared - really dared - to reveal my own stuff on my own blog until now.
So here's my stuff for the day: life is sweet, though I just completely overate. I am forgiving myself, therefore life is sweet. Tomorrow, of course, I'll have an Ultra Slimfast bar for lunch. Yeah.
Eating is not always in my thoughts. Too often, but hey - i'm in the forgiving mode.

Life is sweet.
So was that dessert.

Trivia Tuesday

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