Sunday, May 27, 2007


Company is wonderful. Company can be exhausting. Right now I'm feeling both about Company. But I am loving it. Well, as long as I get some solitude every now and then. Solitude came last night, so I'm ready to go. Ready-freddy.

And I am SO READY to see my little girl (she's no longer little, really) who has been in Kenya for two weeks. I am so ready. Ready-freddy.

And I am eagerly awaiting my little great niece to come down the stairs in her mother's arms so I can give her a hug. When you're almost 5 months old you need lots of hugs from great aunts. And I'm ready-freddy.

Oh yes.

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laura said...

Little Caroline is so precious. I'm jealous you get to see her everyday now. And thanks for the ride this morning!

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