Saturday, June 2, 2007

Saturday mornings

I love Saturday mornings. Like holidays, they give permission to turn off the work-sign and play a little. LIke go get donuts for breakfast. And let the stinky towels start to ferment. Monday's good for them.
The house is quiet now. I smell my Kenya coffee, and feel my hairy legs on the ottoman. For now I will just breathe in and out and sip the coffee. Then slowly I'll get up and change to go to the donut shop. mm
Saturday mornings are so sweet. mm
Thank you, Lord.


Anonymous said...

Yay, now I can leave YOU comments!

Are you crazy?? Waking up at 6 AM on a saturday??

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the encouraging words that you are continuously blessing me with. They are very precious to me. I would really enjoy getting coffee with you sometime soon. You are a fine lady, mm jw, and I am happy to have you in my life.

laura said...

Yeah, free Saturday mornings are yummy. How's the Kenyan coffee?

Anonymous said...

I'm not positive that I can get coffee next week, mainly because we'll be celebrating my sister's birthday at one point and then I go out of town on thursday until sunday. BUT I think I'm free on monday and possibly wednesday during the day.

Anonymous said...

Monday the 18th will probably work best because I'll work all day tuesday and then there's open mic, which means it will be crazy busy. BUT if we do go on monday then we should go during the day (sometime before 4:30) because my ex-boyfriend will be working there at night and I have a feeling we'll talk about him....that would be awkward. Anyway, can't wait!

Alexandria said...

very nice way of writting :) keep going