Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sigmund and Paris

Last night I watched a biography of Sigmund Freud, the founder of modern psychology. Talk about a weird person. Interesting that he was lauded so much.
The older I get the weirder people who are lauded, who are celebrities, seem to get. Well, in my mind, anyway. They’re just folks. Human. With frailty. Some with extreme frailty, and some with extreme idiosyncracy.
Freud became a big celebrity. He was considered a ‘mystical guru’. As I watch this, and as I remember reading about him, he seems really bizarre. His celebrity-dom was really quite ridiculous. Fortunately his influence is waning - indeed, he is becoming a ‘non-influencer’.

That makes me think of Paris Hilton. Poor thing. Vain, shallow, talentless, albeit rich celebrity. She's saying that she is finding God now. That has become like a punch line in a joke. Well, I'm not laughing. The bottom is where we all begin thinking maybe there IS something more. Something besides the facade of the here and now. Yeah. Go Paris.

Hmm. Having some free time to think - is nice.

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laura said...

Yes, Timmy is the name of my car. back in the day, when Liz was just turning sixteen, she decided she wanted a Jetta. We decided that she would name her Jetta Tommy and my Passat would be Timmy, and they would be brothers. She ended up getting a Jeep Liberty instead (which she later totaled), but I stuck with Timmy. And that's the origin of the name Timmy.

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