Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What's NEW?

Well, I've got this NEW look. I like it.

I've gotten some NEW pains, which tell me I am out of shape (which I already knew). Yesterday I helped my daughter move and now I have some leg muscles that, well, hurt a little when I walk. [That would be because the elevator to her third floor apartment was not working. Grr!]

I got a NEW trunk/chest to put my stuff in beside my bed. It makes things look so nice . . . and clean. Truth is, they're not clean, they're just hidden.)

There is NEW rain falling as I write. I guess rain is neither new nor old. Well, I guess it's always new, huh?

I start a NEW diet tomorrow. The mere fact that I am writing it here is significant. It means that I MEAN IT this time. Really. REALLY. I don't have much to lose, but, by golly, I want to lose it this time. YES!

Tomorrow also starts a NEW month. A really big month, actually. My two offspring (interesting expression) have birthdays in August. That will tell you that 23 and 21 years ago today I was miserably hot. Late summer is not the most comfortable time to have babies. (TMI, I know.) Ah, but it was so worth it. SO WORTH IT. SO VERY WORTH IT.

Something else NEW for me in a post is this: I will write in Spanish: "Adios!"

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cleaning . . . and forgiving.

When you walk into my bedroom you can't see the floor beside my bed. That's been a good thing. I like to LOOK clean and tidy, but the truth is, I'm a clutter-bug. The floor beside my bed has been a mess. A disaster. Good intentions have not gotten it cleaned up . . . until today. Now I'm feeling clean all over. And calm. Secure. Serene. It's amazing the therapy a little cleaning will give.

Speaking of therapy, yesterday I was somewhat stressed. Instead of taking it to the Lord, I took it to my stomach and my pocketbook. I overate and overspent. It was binging and buying. And afterwards - it was guilting. I've forgiven myself now, though. That, and the cleaning, have made this a redemptive day.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sweet Caroline

She's coming back! In two and a half weeks I'll get to coo with her and see her two teeth, maybe three by then. And, of course, I'll get to hug her and maybe feed her. Just thinking about it brings a smile.

Well, I used to not get into long worship sets. . . where the music goes on and on - and I just want to bolt for the door. Last night was different, though. Last night at my church we had our once a month believers' meeting, FUEL, where we have communion, a Bible study and some singing. Well, last night the worship team led it, and it was incredible. For about thirty-five minutes we sang - sitting down, until the end - the most beautiful choruses. Leading up to that Rob spoke of praising God in song and poetry and how it transcends mere words. He got us ready, and ready I was. mm.

Better go. Things to do.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

5 Random Thoughts

1) If I couldn't live in my favorite place, the DFW metroplex, I would pick my second: Nashville. I'm here now, and am reminded of its beauty, friendly people, great climate, and delicious down-home cooking. Oh, and my favorite cousin lives here.

2) I found out Anderson Cooper is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt. I think that is very interesting.

3) I'm reading one of my most favorite books in the whole world: Eugenia Price's THE BURDEN IS LIGHT. It's old - but still incredibly good. It's the story of her turning from atheism to Christianity in 1949.

4) My cousin's son, Scott, (I think he would be my 'first-cousin-once-removed') went last night at midnight to a Nashville book store dressed up as Harry Potter - to buy the new book, actually three of them. By this morning he and his sister had already read a hundred of pages of that book. Hmm. Maybe I need to try it. At least to be literate.

5) A drive-thru Starbucks is coming near to my house soon. Oh dear. I'll have to really work on my self-control issues.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Daughters ... and other family.

'Blood is thicker than water.' That saying usually makes me feel icky. . . thinking how thick blood is, which it really is not ... very thick. But family is. Right now I'm thinking of watching my closest kin waiting tables while I provide mellow music as she glides along. There is no word to describe it. If she were just 'kin' I don't think I would have such joy in the watching. She is my daughter. There is nothing like having a darling daughter. Nothing like it. If she weren't darling, and precious, and beautiful, and gracious, and so smart, maybe I wouldn't be overwhelmed. But she is. And that is really - really - an objective description of her.
So making the music, while she works her job, is wonderful. I am so enjoying it.

Speaking of family. Today I go to Nashville for the White family reunion. I've heard that in some families there is conflict, tension, bad feelings. Not in mine --- that I know of. These reunions, that happen every 2 years, are really fun. Lots of sharing, lots of hugs, and this year, with the loss of my dear daddy, probably lots of tears. I am looking forward to this, even thinking of the tears. Maybe because of the tears.

(P. S. The time stated when I posted this is WRONG. I'm thinking it thinks I live in California, or better - Seattle!)
(Later - I changed the time zone - now it's right.)

Monday, July 16, 2007

New favorite book

Some of you may know that I have had two blogs going on. . . this one and one called RANDOM THOUGHTS. My zeal in blogging was overtaking me. I even thought about having a third. (I guess I really needed to get a life, huh?) Well, now I've gotten a life and am simplifying it with just this one blog. The following paragraph was in my last post on Random Thoughts (which I have now deleted). Since no one had left any comments on it I thought maybe no one had read it. Sooooooo, here it is:

SIMPLY CHRISTIAN, subtitled "Why Christianity Makes Sense", by N. T. Wright, is my new favorite book. Wright is the Bishop of Durham, England, and extremely well thought of in Christendom, especially among theologians. Usually he writes in a scholarly, hard-to-understand style. This book is different. It is for regular folks like me. And it is wonderful. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Some things I've learned lately:

1) Rabbits eat petunias. In our front flowerbed our begonias were thriving and our petunias were literally disappearing. Then I saw the little fella. He was eating away on the last remaining petunias.

2) Two shots of cinnamon in a chai tea latte at Starbucks is delicious. A friend told me about this so I tried it and it is wonderful.

3) L.A. Girl’s Calcium Nail Builder for Thick and Healthy Nails is really, REALLY good. They have it at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

4) Life is simpler having an outdoor dog instead of an indoor dog.

5) Donald Miller is a very good writer. Very interesting and refreshing.

6) HD television is incredible. I wasn’t all that excited about getting it, but now that we have it I find it has tremendously enhanced my viewing pleasure!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Something different

I woke up this morning, looked out the window and saw something very unusual. For one thing everything looked brighter. And there was more color everywhere. I had to squint, actually. Then it dawned on me (pun?). Sunshine!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy July Fourth

It's been a happy July Fourth. I went to the White family reunion with my mother. It was the first reunion she has been to without my dear dad- and they had been to them all, even hosting them from 1977-1997. It was not as hard as she thought it would be. That is probably because she had prepared herself for it. As had I. Mental preparation is often underrated. It is invaluable, in my opinion. That's probably my personality type speaking . . . which, of course, is me, myself, and I.

So what do you do when a family member gets a pierce that, well, you would never, not in a million years, get yourself? You congratulate yourself that said family member has her own mind, and she doesn't have to have yours! Then you congratulate yourself that you can sincerely write that last sentence. Seriously though, the pierce is not horrible. It's just not ME. But then, that is the beauty and wonder of it all. She is not me!! She is she. . . . and I trust her to know what she's doing. She seems to. . . and she's brilliant (usually).

Happy Fourth!

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

I really, REALLY like this... I got this for my birthday! It's a key chain and there is none other like it!! I ADORE IT!! Thank you!!   ...