Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cleaning . . . and forgiving.

When you walk into my bedroom you can't see the floor beside my bed. That's been a good thing. I like to LOOK clean and tidy, but the truth is, I'm a clutter-bug. The floor beside my bed has been a mess. A disaster. Good intentions have not gotten it cleaned up . . . until today. Now I'm feeling clean all over. And calm. Secure. Serene. It's amazing the therapy a little cleaning will give.

Speaking of therapy, yesterday I was somewhat stressed. Instead of taking it to the Lord, I took it to my stomach and my pocketbook. I overate and overspent. It was binging and buying. And afterwards - it was guilting. I've forgiven myself now, though. That, and the cleaning, have made this a redemptive day.


Anonymous said...

I was browsing the blogs and noticed your page is the same as mine which of course drew my attention. I don't over spend but over eat. I exercise and diet all week than Sunday I splurge and gain the weight back again. During the week it is walnuts for breakfast, oatmeal for lunch and fruit for supper with lots of water in between. I need to lose 10 lbs by the third week in august. On Mondays I have to forgive myself and start over. I talk to the Lord too. I listen to scriptures and pray a lot for others. I noticed that you mentioned horoscope in your profile. If you are a christian you don't want to be fooling around with that stuff. It is a form of witchcraft: occult. You don't have to believe me or anything like that. Just a hint to say I wound up in the hospital after playing with horoscopes for a few weeks. yes, I repented and am now serving the Lord Jesus Christ. Who would of thought that such a small thing can be so dangerous. I mean no harm - just want to bless you.

Nancy said...

This is for warrior-gal123:
You are so right about horoscopes. I did NOT mean for my 'sign' to be displayed. I just put my birthday in and lo and behold it showed I was a 'capricorn'. Well, I just went in and took out my birthday, so now it's not in there.
I am AGAINST horoscopes and astrology in general. It is NOT of God.
Thanks for your comment. (I'm writing this here - in case you read it - because I can't get into you blog - or, at least, I don't know how.)

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