Thursday, July 19, 2007

Daughters ... and other family.

'Blood is thicker than water.' That saying usually makes me feel icky. . . thinking how thick blood is, which it really is not ... very thick. But family is. Right now I'm thinking of watching my closest kin waiting tables while I provide mellow music as she glides along. There is no word to describe it. If she were just 'kin' I don't think I would have such joy in the watching. She is my daughter. There is nothing like having a darling daughter. Nothing like it. If she weren't darling, and precious, and beautiful, and gracious, and so smart, maybe I wouldn't be overwhelmed. But she is. And that is really - really - an objective description of her.
So making the music, while she works her job, is wonderful. I am so enjoying it.

Speaking of family. Today I go to Nashville for the White family reunion. I've heard that in some families there is conflict, tension, bad feelings. Not in mine --- that I know of. These reunions, that happen every 2 years, are really fun. Lots of sharing, lots of hugs, and this year, with the loss of my dear daddy, probably lots of tears. I am looking forward to this, even thinking of the tears. Maybe because of the tears.

(P. S. The time stated when I posted this is WRONG. I'm thinking it thinks I live in California, or better - Seattle!)
(Later - I changed the time zone - now it's right.)


Anonymous said...

You are so sweet, dear friend. Every time I read about your love for your family I tear up. You are just so sweet.

I hope your reunion brings you the laughter and tears that you are wishing for.

Anonymous said...

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Nancy said...

Hmm. I'm thinking that last comment was accidently put in my blog. If you're knicksgr10927 and you know me, let me know who you are.
And have a good trip to Cali. I'm thinking you'll be in Colombia?

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