Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Some things I've learned lately:

1) Rabbits eat petunias. In our front flowerbed our begonias were thriving and our petunias were literally disappearing. Then I saw the little fella. He was eating away on the last remaining petunias.

2) Two shots of cinnamon in a chai tea latte at Starbucks is delicious. A friend told me about this so I tried it and it is wonderful.

3) L.A. Girl’s Calcium Nail Builder for Thick and Healthy Nails is really, REALLY good. They have it at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

4) Life is simpler having an outdoor dog instead of an indoor dog.

5) Donald Miller is a very good writer. Very interesting and refreshing.

6) HD television is incredible. I wasn’t all that excited about getting it, but now that we have it I find it has tremendously enhanced my viewing pleasure!


Anonymous said...

bunnies eat petunias! funny!

laura said...

1) I saw a rabbit out front the other night! I didn't realize he was eating out petunias. I thought he was just a cute, fluffy surprise. What a con.

2) Life is not ALL simpler having an indoor dog. For one, you can't leave food on the floor that you drop. You actually have to pick it up and throw it away. What a pain

Anonymous said...

haha, oh Laura. you make me smile.

and so do you, mm jw. so do you.

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