Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hurricane Dean . . .

Hurricane Dean is threatening South Texas. I remember being threatened. I grew up down there, and I remember days with no electricity, which meant no school. I'm thinking that school has not started for those kids yet, so RATS, they don't get to miss school.
I can remember looking out my bedroom window when everything was still. Just moments before the trees were bending from the winds. And then, suddenly everything was still, quiet, and very eery. That meant we were in the eye of the hurricane. I can remember the awe. (You'd think I'd remember the name of the hurricane. I think it was Beulah. (I need to do a google search.)) Anyway, we didn't have any damage to our house, but I do remember the national news. They showed pictures of houses that looked completely devastated. We all knew that they were houses that were BEING built. I will never forget that. I mean, on ABC, CBS and NBC Nightly News, they were showing these 'horrible' pictures of houses that were ruined by the hurricane. Ha!!! What a crock. Those houses were 'in ruins' BEFORE the storm!! It made me suspicious of the media, which continues to this day. No, I'm NOT suspicious. I KNOW .... it's all about sensationalism.

I didn't start this post being a cynic. . .

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