Monday, August 20, 2007


This is he. Him. The one. He's 'posing' here. Don't you think he's cute?
Back in the early seventies I prayed for him in all my 'quiet times'. I didn't know him. And yet I did. He was just one of the many people whose names I knew on campus. Little did I know that one day he would be the one- THE ONE- I would give my heart to. I had decided that maybe God had wanted me to be single. And I had become OKAY with that. Really. I had become so okay with that. Hmmm. Maybe that was when I was ready to meet HIM. SAM the MAN.
Oh my, I just got to thinking about him - and how he IS human. He snores. Sometimes he is not the most romantic fella in the world. ('Course neither am I.) BUT SOMETIMES HE IS.
God let me marry him. I know God did. And I'm so glad. So very very very glad.

I just thought I'd share that... for today

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