Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thoughts on Hillary

She won't get my vote.

It's not because I'm not a Democrat.
It's not because of politics at all.
It's not because she's a woman. I would LOVE having a woman as president.
It's mainly because of her husband. . . and how their marriage is a farce.

And that her husband was an example to a whole nation of young people on how to 'have sex without having sex'. His actions condoned oral sex - which began happening in high schools, and middle schools everywhere. Oh, it was happening before - but nothing -NOTHING - like it was after his example.

Why don't I read or hear about this?

Well, I'm posting this - because I want it known - in my own little way - why I won't vote for Hillary. I realize she didn't do what Bill did, but, well, i just don't want that 'couple' in the White House.

(I know, I usually have upbeat posts.)

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Susan said...

Hi Nancy-I agree with your reasons for not voting for Hillary. I also LOVE to get up early before anyone else is awake-I started getting up at 4:30 when my children were little. It was quiet and I could plan my day and spend time with the Lord. I'm glad that your mom is healthy. Your joke is funny. Mostly I really liked your idea of looking at a room as if it is a still life and thinking about the stories represented by the objects there. I am looking at a stuffed bear and thinking about Caroline playing with it and how much her laughter and expressions have blessed me this week. That's all. Keep writing.Susan Huffman

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