Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gay Paree . . .

So we're in what used to be called "Gay Paree". Now- in the 2000's- I don't think it's called that - well, because I think a lot of straight people live here. Ha. ('Course I did see some sort of 'iffy's.)
Well, the people we have met are NOT rude (as we were told)... so far anyway. They're very nice. Of course they should be - since they're museum employees and hotel employees. And certainly in their job orientation they were told to be nice to foreigners! Anyway, we're having a grand time.
I never dreamed that I could say "I've been to Rome and Paris." Now I can say that. [You live long enough and who knows what you can say. Me- I've lived long enough to say that. Yea!]

It's a great life.


Anonymous said...

I wish that I could say "I've been to Rome and Paris." I also wish I could say "I've been to Africa, Japan, Brazil, Australia..." etc.

Perhaps someday I'll be able to! Without lying, of course. I could say it now, if I chose to, but I'd be fooling myself.

Elizabeth H. said...

Oh how fun!!! Enjoy every minute!

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