Friday, September 28, 2007

Liking Sweden. . .

I like it here! We're in Karlskrona, the naval base town in Southern Sweden. It is so great not to be in a touristy town - with lots of other loud Americans (no offense). The weather is chilly. Everything is clean, clean, clean. All the stores and houses look quaint and picturesque, though some look quite modern. The people are tall and beautiful (lots of blondes - no offense to short brown, red and black-haired people. You are lovely, too.)

To get here we rode a night train from Koln, Germany - it was 13 hours. I actually slept some. ( I'm known for not sleeping well on any moving vehicle.)

Well, when I look back on my posts during this trip it sounds like a world traveler has written them. I'm guessing I need to redefine myself to myself. Oh yes. That's exciting.
Signing off for now--
NC (mm jw), WORLD TRAVELER, and One-Who-Can-Now-Sleep-on-Moving-Vehicles.

(Nate... If you're reading this - know this: I am praying for you - as are a lot of other people. And you are prayed for by the Bear Valley staff and prayer group. I wrote some comments on your blog- but they haven't been 'printed'. I think you're supposed to do something to make them visible.)


Unknown said...

yeah . . . you should prepare youself. i like it though.

Unknown said...

oops, this is actually laura. one of my roommates must have been signed on in my computer

Wil Carmack said...

Hello, NC (mm jw), WORLD TRAVELER, and One-Who-Can-Now-Sleep-on-Moving-Vehicles!

i was wondering what day you will be home?

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