Tuesday, September 25, 2007

On to Sweden. . .

Tomorrow we leave Paris and head northeast to Sweden. We take a train to Brussels, Belgium and from there a sleeper train to Copenhagen, Denmark. From there we go to Kariskroner, Sweden where we'll visit Nic and Sarah Hoglind and attend the church they just helped start. How exciting. Here's how we know them: Nic and Sarah attended University of North Texas for its jazz school. Nic was in the 2 o'clock lab band and led the 5 o'clock lab band. If you know anything about that, you know that he must be one fine musician. While at UNT Nic played guitar at our church and Sarah sang. (They knew someone who knew someone who knew we were looking for a guitar player.) Anyway, they were AWESOME. AND they both became followers of Christ while there! They returned to their homeland, Sweden, and have now helped start a church very much like Bear Valley. In fact, the church JUST started about 3 weeks ago. This Sunday we'll be there and on the Saturday before (this Saturday) Sam will be meeting with the church's pastor and church leaders, including the Hoglinds, Oh my. It is exciting. We'll be taking pictures, and videos, to take back to share with Bear Valley. In fact BV is already helping them out financially (for about 2 months now). Needless to say, this last venture of our big trip should prove very rewarding, and not just in a sightseeing kind of way.

Paris has been wonderful. It is an amazing city. I was prepared for rude people, and while there was one, maybe two, most of the folks were nice. No one smiles, though, around here unless you give them a good tip!

A week from tomorrow we fly home. Will I be ready? I'm ALREADY ready! 'Course I'm very excited about the Sweden trip, but I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, hugging on my own dog (I haven't hugged on others), and cooking up some rice and beans with molho for Will-son. Oh yes.

Adieu... for now.

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Nancy said...

Actually we're changing trains in Koln, Germany. We're doing it now --- well, in one hour from now. (We stopped at Brussels but we didn't get off.) It's 9:18 pm Europe time. We're sitting at a Starbucks at the train station in Koln. France, Switzerland and Germany all have Starbucks seemingly everywhere. Italy does not. They are proud of their own coffee!

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