Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bad Dog . . .

This little picture is of a cute, low maintenance dog. It is not a picture of Shiloh. ... hardly.

I usually call Shiloh a sweet dog. NOT TODAY. Today, Shiloh is a bad dog. I realize that he is just a dog, and his actions have no malicious intent. Maybe that means he's not 'bad'. He's just 'dog'. Well, 'dog' may not have many days left at 2807 Jackson Court. He keeps getting out --- and today was almost the limit. Our neighbor called my cell phone (I was at the antique mall) and said he was out (again), and this time Animal Control people were trying to catch him. I said, "Let them. We'll go get him at the animal shelter tonight, unless I decided to leave him there." (Yes, I said that last part.)
Well, the Animal Control person managed to get him, but didn't carry him off to the pound. He put him in the back yard and left a message on our front porch saying that we had better get control of our pet . . . or else (not those words).

Not only has Shiloh been getting out lately (the shock collar is not working for some reason)-- (I know, we abuse him by shocking him.--- so sue us.) but he is also very destructive. He has chewed up parts of the fence and scratched and pawed at our newly painted back door and garage door, and made shreds of our door mats. He used to be an indoor dog, but was so destructive that we relegated him to the great outdoors. (Hmm... maybe he's frustrated?)

I know, it sounds as if my love is not unconditional. That's a double negative and means CONDITIONAL. I am guilty.
Maybe tomorrow morning when 'dog' looks through the kitchen door, waiting for his breakfast treat, I'll get all lovey-dovey again and want to keep him.

Yeah, after all he IS a good guard dog. And when he acts excited to see me when I come home it does make feel good. Hmmm. . . maybe I won't have to wait till tomorrow to feel like keeping him.

I guess I was needing to ramble on about him. Perspective, you know.


Anonymous said...

Coffee next week sounds wonderful. We probably have much to discuss. I'll let you know my schedule and we'll work something out.

And Shiloh really is a sweet dog. He just becomes a nuisance occasionally, but I guess that's true for everyone and everything that lives.

laura said...

Shiloh-what a hooligan. He must be going through that awkward rebel teenage phase.

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