Friday, October 26, 2007

A clean house . . .

A clean house is very nice.
Not having to cook is also nice.
Having no one need me is nice...
BUT, having a messy house - and food to cook for people who'll eat it up- and people that need me (well, not in a needy kind of way) is WONDERFUL.

I had 10 days of a clean house, a pretty much empty dishwasher, a free schedule to spend how I like (basically) - and I admit - I did enjoy it. But having the guys back -with all the stuff that comes with having them back - is GREAT!!!!

Life is good.

(And in December Laura will be back. Life will be incredible then.)
(Uh oh, Laura. Don't think I'm giving you the "you-must-make-Momma's-life-incredible" expectations.)

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