Sunday, October 28, 2007


I used to cringe this time of year. My husband and kids would, with my weak consent, decorate the front lawn with crazy things. A coffin with an arm hanging out. A leg 'randomly' tossed on the lawn. At the front door a guillotine with a hand in a bucket under it. And another bucket on the other side as a cauldron with dry ice smoking. And, of course, some spooky music playing.
That sounds like fun. But I was all about what our fundamentalist Christian neighbors were thinking.
Phooey on me.... and thankfully I've matured.
I'm just glad I didn't let my attitude completely squelch the fun the rest of my family was having.

Halloween is fun.


Mimi and Pops said...

Hi Nancy,
I have enjoyed all of your blogs. You are a wonderful writer. I am also believing God these days. I hope that I don't get used to, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life" either.

Nancy said...

Thanks for your comment, Rick!!

laura said...

haha. i didn't know you were so apprehensive about all the decorations. i'm glad we did all that. it makes for nice memories.

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