Saturday, October 6, 2007

She'll be close to me again!

This is precious Elizabeth, my dear niece. We found out this week that she, her husband and sweet baby daughter, Princess Caroline, will be settling in this area after he finishes law school next May. I am so excited!! John will be working for the Dallas law firm, Greenberg-Traurig. That is a wonderful law firm. . . and, of course, will be a MAGNIFICENT law firm with John Huffman there.

Oh, that's me on the right.


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear...

I just read your previous post and could not stop myself from crying at the thought of Laura running to hug you guys. I have a weakness for familial exchanges of love, so that definitely got to me. And I still get choked up when Laura and Will do something extraordinarily nice for one another. Families are just wonderful.

Oh. And I'm very glad you're back ;)

Elizabeth H. said...

There we are! Dressed alike!