Monday, November 12, 2007

At the beach . . .

My mother and I are in the Comfort Suites at South Padre Island. . . having fun enjoying life. We flew into McAllen yesterday, drove here and this afternoon we'll head towards Mission, my hometown.

Last night we walked on the beach, then sat on a sand dune thing and talked. Very nice. Very nice. This is good mother/daughter time for sure. And we both love the beach.

The Valley is looking lush. A few years ago they lost lots of palm trees because of bad freezing weather. Well, they planted a lot more than they lost - and it just looks great. I wish my hubby could see it. Every time he's come it just hasn't looked as good as I wanted it to. Now it does - and he's not with me. I have my camera, though. Lucky for him!

1 comment:

laura said...

and lucky for us. be sure to put up pictures!

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