Monday, November 5, 2007

I feel like boycotting . . .

Now that is one weird word, 'boycotting'. I'll have to find out about the background of that word. . .

Whatever the background, I'm in the mood for boycotting. Kind of a autumn Lent type of thing. I'm boycotting THE GOLDEN COMPASS, as I said in my last post. I'm also boycotting women's magazines. Their lure is almost too hard to resist, but I'm going to - for a while anyway. It's not that they're sinful, they're just a bad use of my money. I never use the coupons inside and well their material is the same old same old. The titles of their articles are so enticing, and then I get into them and find, 'Oh, I knew that already'.

I'm also boycotting Walgreens - well, not the pharmacy. I'm dependent on that (not really). I'm boycotting buying other stuff there. They always are having signs like, "2 liter Dr. Peppers - 79 cents." So I go in and they're long gone. That kind of thing has happened too much. I'm finally learning that their sign means 'Come in and buy something else'. So I'm NOT.

I've boycotted things in the past. Like "Saturday Night Live". That is often an hilarious show, but on occasion (actually, on many occasions) they cross my line of decency and I boycott. . . for a while. I did that once with "The Office". Now I'm back, but not as wholehearted a fan as I was.

Oh and I'm not planting fall flowers in my front flower bed. I bought some fake flowers for my porch, but I am boycotting real flowers. They're too much work, the planting, then the upkeep. Phooey on them. They will not be the boss of me.

Obviously not much is happening in my life.

[Later- I found out the origin of the word 'boycott'. - "after Charles C. Boycott (1832–97), English estate manager in Ireland, against whom nonviolent coercive tactics were used in 1880."

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laura said...

I'm boycotting woman's fitness magazines. They just remind me of all the exercises I don't do, and I don't need that. I'm usually fine with myself until I start flipping through those magazines and think, "I don't do that . . my abs don't look like hers . . geez, I'm lazier than I thought. . " Who needs that?

And I'm not sure if I was on the bus you're talking about. Is the statue your talking about the David on top of the Paizzale Michelangelo? It's a hill that overlooks Florence. If so, yes. It not, then no,