Saturday, November 24, 2007

I hear the rain . . .

I'm feeling cozy now. Just the word 'cozy' is delightful to me. i'm sitting here in the living room in a total mess, but I'm feeling a total bliss. I got my hot coffee in and my warm robe on and Sam is still sleeping. The house is quiet. All I hear is the rain, and my typing fingers. Life is good.

I started putting the Christmas stuff out yesterday, but had to take a break for night time. Now it's morning time and no little fairy came in in the night and finished the job. I've tried to wiggle my nose and close my eyes, but the mess is still here. . . waiting. So I thought I'd write about it before I tackle it anew.

Did I say, "Life is good?"
It so is.


laura said...

life IS good

*Caroline* said...

Hello! I am so glad you finally read redeeming love! I thought the same thing you did the first time I read it, like "why does he keep going back for her? no one would really do that!" But I am so very glad he did.. it gives me a lot of hope! Thank the Lord my Jesus keeps coming back for me :)