Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Palm Aire

At Palm Aire Best Western Motel in Weslaco. Very nice. And just 6 miles from Nuevo Progresso, Mexico where my mother, her friend since 1950, Mary Morgan, and I went today. It was so fun. We ate at Arturo's. Mother and Mary had one of their favorites, the fried frog legs plate! Me - I had the enchiladas and a diet coke. Yum. We then shopped till we dropped. I I bought some interesting crosses for my booth in the antique mall. Mother bought some jewelry and some candy. Mary said she was with us just for the fun of it. She lives 15 miles from there, so she can go whenever.

Tonight Mother and I are just relaxing here in the motel room.

I'm really glad we came down for this sentimental journey. Tomorrow night will be the most special part for me. We'll be eating out with my childhood friend, Diane. We have a lot of catching up to do. She said that she thinks we probably won't do much eating . . . Ha. She's forgotten that eating trumps talking in my book. Ha. Well maybe not this time.


Elizabeth H. said...

Enjoy your trip!

laura said...

Frank Sinatra's song, Nancy, just come up on my shuffle. I didn't even know I owned this song. But I'm thinking of you! Just wanted you to know.

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