Wednesday, November 28, 2007

6 things I now know . . .

1) Baylor has hired a new coach already. Art Briles from University of Houston. I hope he's good. What happened to Singletary?

2) Huckabee is doing really well in the polls. I'm surprised . . . and pretty excited.

3) Right this very minute, in the CNN/YouTube Republican debate Guiliani is accusing Romney of hiring illegal immigrants working in his mansion. Interesting. I think we'll hear more about that tomorrow. (Personally, I do NOT have a problem with hiring illegal immigrants. I have a reason for saying that but won't go into it here.)

4) It looks like Bill Clinton might be hurting his wife's prospects for the White House. Fine with me.

5) Anderson Cooper, the CNN/YouTube Republican debate moderator (and CNN commentator), is the son of the famous Gloria Vanderbilt. I think that's interesting. Not that it means anything. It's just interesting.

6) "Frank TV" is really funny. It's on TBS. I saw a preview of it after a Seinfeld rerun and thought it looked great. I tivoed it - and Sam and I really liked it. It's on at 10 pm CST Tuesday nights on TBS. or WTBS (?). Anyway it's funny. It stars Frank Caliendo, a great impersonator.

That's just some stuff. Maybe you knew it. Maybe you didn't. Whatever. I wanted to say it.
..... AND I COULD!!! (These blog-things are great!)

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Elizabeth H. said...

Did you hear that almost all of the questions on YouTube last night were vocal Obama and Edwards supporters and that the retired Army General asking about gays in the military works for the Hillary campaign on a steering committee? So much for unbiased journalism!

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