Thursday, November 29, 2007

Speaking of Landry . . .

Right now I'm at my mother's house and the Cowboys are beating the Packers 27-10 ((2nd quarter). Man, it is so great to have the Cowboys back being great again. It reminds me of the old days when Tom Landry was their coach.

Speaking of Landry, which I try to do often, Mother and I were in his hometown two weeks ago. Oh, did I tell you that THAT is MY hometown, too? Oh yes. We saw this huge mural-type thing on a wall in downtown Mission, Texas. It told the story in pictures of Landry's life. Mother and I were both proud!! Did you know that Landry came to Mission High School (his alma mater, of course) for years and years to tell about his life and about his Christian faith. I heard him back in 1969. He would come back every three years. That way, every Mission High School student got to see and hear him. Now, of course, he's in heaven. . . and if he knows about Tony Romo and gang and how well they're doing, I bet he's nodding his head and smiling. Being very dignified, of course.


laura said...

i didn't know he was from Mission; interessante.

and yes, hunter still has his red streak. and i think he'll still have it when the rest of his hair is grey.

Jane said...

2- 4- 6 - 8 -
Who do we appreciate?

Anonymous said...

Last night was tons of fun. Thanks for letting me be apart of it.

I hope I get to hear some pretty music from you tonight! That'd be grand. No pressure, though.

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