Thursday, November 15, 2007

Still having fun. . .

I'm still having fun in the Rio Grande Valley. The fun stopped for a little while yesterday morning when we had a little wreck in the motel parking lot. Long story short - it wasn't my fault and we're fine. Though I was a little shaken the fun soon started up again, We've visited lots of folks from the past, and gotten caught up. Some of the news we heard was sad (unexpected deaths, etc.) and some of the news was wonderful (about successful careers, grandkids, etc.).
What I've enjoyed the most -besides seeing my best friend, Diane (who is doing great)- has been driving around seeing the old haunts. All the memories flood back - and they're good memories. I do think of my dear dad and sister all the time here - but they're good thoughts. I know this has been an emotional trip for my mom who lost her honey of almost 59 years last Christmas, and yet she has seemed to enjoy our trip down here very much.

Tomorrow we go home. . . and I'm ready. Ready to see Sam the man. Oh yes! And Will and Shiloh, too. Oh yes!

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