Saturday, November 3, 2007


I've gotten a lot done. I've been decisive. And I'm not too old to say to myself, "YOU GO GIRL!"

I won't go into all the particulars (I probably will), but I DID decorate my front porch (finally) for fall - with fake flowers and stuff from Garden Ridge that were 75% off.
THEN, I got all the stuff done (reservations for plane tickets, car rental, hotel, etc.) for my mother's and my trip to the Rio Grande Valley next week.
Before that I worked in Mother's yard, trimming hedges, pulling weeds, working up a sweat (or a 'glistening', as ladies should say). (This was the very first time I had done this for my mother, I sadly admit- but I did finally do it.)
Before that I played in the tea room, and the editor (or one of the lesser editors) from SOUTHERN LIVING magazine was dining there. She actually heard my "Sound of Music" medley, and other 'sugar sticks' I played once I knew she was there.
Before that I did a lot of stuff - paid bills, made calls, ran errands, and other mundane chores that need tweaking so they won't be so mundane.

Anyway, I'm giving myself some 'atta-girls'.

I'm thinking that everyone needs some every now and then.


laura said...

that feels good, getting stuff done. sadly, i can't say that for myself today

Elizabeth H. said...

you are a hard worker!! that is great!! did you meet the editor?? i LOVE that magazine.

Elizabeth H. said...

Oh Oh!! I just got your other comment about coming to see us! YAY!!! Yes, please come! We would LOVE to spend time with you up here!! The cherry blossoms are out in full swing during late March, early April.

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