Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007- almost over . . .

I don't feel like an old lady . . . but decades ago when I thought about me in the 21st century, I thought about someone else. An old lady. Maybe not an elderly lady, but definitely old. Ha! So it's almost 2008 and though I look my age I still feel like 'a girl'!! It's funny how things are when you're living inside your skin, and behind your eyes. Hmm. So I guess I AM still myself after all these years!

Oh, check out the sillies on my "Just for Fun" blog. (Good (clean) New Years jokes are hard to come by I've found. There are lots of Christmas funnies, though, if you scroll down -- and if you haven't read them already.) Thanks to Laura, my blog coach, you can just hit Just for Fun and you're there.

Happy New Year!

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