Tuesday, December 11, 2007


5 days TLCH.

5 things I've learned this week:
1) our auto mechanic tells people to never buy a Volkswagen. Hmm. He said people are always bringing them in to get worked on. They need so much maintenance and are always having problems. Also the Volkswagen place is the only place where the oil can be changed. --- Rats. I liked Volkswagens.
2) one should never leave a car with a sun roof parked for a long period of time under tree branches. Somehow the leaves end up in a part of the sun roof and then, well, something happens that can - long story short - ruin the computer in the car. Live and learn.
3) the movie THE GOLDEN COMPASS did not do as well this weekend as its producers thought it would. I have yet to hear from someone other than a paid critic how it was.
4) those Jimmy Dean ‘fully cooked’ sausage patties that you zap in the microwave aren’t nearly as tasty as the ones you cook yourself. Oh, and Owens sausage is the BEST. (My dear dad would never eat anything but Owens.)
5) those Salvation Army people who ring the bells to get donations ARE paid. I had thought they were just volunteers. (And I think it’s great that they’re paid, by the way.)


Jane said...

I LOVE Volkwagens!!

laura said...

that's interesting because i've only had to get my vw fixed once in the five years that i've been driving it--that was this past summer. and this makes me wonder--is something wrong with Timmy?

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