Monday, December 10, 2007


6 days TLCH!

Well, my monster week is over and today I'm 'off'. Feels good.
And it's very cold outside. So it's good that I'm inside.
Starting sentences with 'And' and 'So' kind of go against my credentials of an English degree and being an English teacher for four years before I married. Yeah. Most people go through their rebellion when they're in their teens. I waited till I was over the hill.

So what's new? Well, I found out last week that I'm going to be the great aunt to a precious little boy who was born in Viet Nam last July. His new parents, Jennifer and Ryan Tompkins, are opening up their home to him, so he can have a chance at life. What a blessed fella he is. They will go get him in about 4 months I think. The link to their blog is You can read about it all - and see his picture there. You'll want to pinch his cheeks but you can't. It's just a picture.

What else is new? Tomorrow Rob, Caroline, April, Lee and lots more people from Bear Valley will leave for India. They'll be working with an orphanage for aids victims there. (I think that's right.) Pray for them . . . for safety, good health, and of course, effectiveness in their mission.

Have a good day.

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