Thursday, December 6, 2007

Eleven days . . .

Eleven days - that's if you count today, TLCH*. And, of course, today COUNTS! It's a beautiful day! I'm hosting a big party tonight - and I have my tables set. I have my pitchers for tea - sweet and unsweet - out. I have my house relatively clean. I have my paper towels in the bathroom so everyone won't share their germs on my pretty Christmas towels. They can just look at them. And I'm taking a break right now. (I LOVE BREAKS.) Pretty soon I'll get go get some cookies for dessert. I would bake them myself but I don't want people to get used to that sort of thing. I ought to get some pralines because that's what's good after Mexican food. Well, they must be. Pralines are always sold at the registers at Mexican restaurants. (And I love a good praline.) Did I tell you La Hacienda Ranch is catering? Oh my. We'll be stuffed tonight. Oh, after we eat we have that Sneaky Santa thing - whatever you call it - where you draws numbers, pick a gift, and then someone can steal it from you. Talk about fun -- and stealing at the same time!

Break time's up.
Have a great day.

*Till Laura Comes Home.

1 comment:

Elizabeth H. said...

I'm jealous! I love La Hacienda Ranch!!! YUM!!!

Have fun... although I know you are, the party has already started!

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