Sunday, December 23, 2007

I should have called . . .

I thought about it, but I didn't do it. . . . call the Star Telegram and tell them about the Christmas village in the Lonestar Antique Mall Tea Room. It has two trains running through it . . . and it has Elvis' Graceland, and an Ace Hardware shop, a McDonald's, a whole Grinch type village in it, and a Habitat for Humanity house being worked on. And a whole lot more. I really should have called the newspaper to see if they would come out and do a story on it - and that it was free - FREE - to the public.

I emphasize the free part because I just got tickets for the ICE thing at the Gaylord Texan Convention Center and Resort. My mother, daughter and I are going this Thursday, Dec. 27, at 1:30. It will not be a cheap outing. $20 a ticket!!!! That does not include any food or drink. $20!!!! My dear mother had been wanting to go and I said, "Yes, let's!" I thought we'd just go the Gaylord Texan and eat there and see it while we were there. I did not know you had to PAY to see it. Oh well, I thought. I can put out five bucks or so for this. And then I saw the price of the tickets! --- When I told Sam he was aghast (interesting word). He thought that surely that included a meal. We had been to the Gaylord Texan and we both knew that it would have had to have been a small meal, but a meal nonetheless. Well, no meal. What with tax, our seeing the ice sculptures will cost about $65! It better be good!!!

On a merrier note, Christmas is in 2 days!
I'm ready.

Oh, that village at Lonestar that can be seen FREE - is a MINIATURE village.

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Anonymous said...

That is way too much for ice!!!!

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