Saturday, December 1, 2007

No brag, just fact . . .

My son has an INCREDIBLE talent in music. I can hear him playing the banjo right now, and my jaw is dropping. Also, he’s been playing keyboard Sunday mornings at our church. Sometimes he plays guitar or banjo there also. When he was just a young thing I had no idea of his gift. Goes to show ya - ya never know what lies beneath a lovable face.

My daughter has more hutzpah than most folks I know. On her own she did everything one has to do to study in Italy. . . and now she’s there - been there since August. And this summer, if all goes as she would like, she will work in a museum in Connecticut. Lo and behold she’s done all the stuff that she has needed to apply for that position. (I didn’t even know about that position.) ('Course she may decide to do something else. But the world is her oyster. (I'm thinking that is a good expression?)

Oh and my husband knows how to do most anything. Example: he always knows WAY more about the computer (particularly Macs, but even PCs) than the guys that sell them. Me- I can barely do this blog-thing.

Speaking of me, I rearranged my booth in my antique mall. I didn’t add anything new, well, except a little bit of Christmas stuff, but that was a few weeks ago. Anyway, I started selling lots more things! I overheard one customer say, ‘”Oh, she’s got a bunch of new stuff!” I just smiled.

No brag, just fact.


Elizabeth H. said...

You DO have a talented family! Don't count yourself out... you can play the piano better than anyone I know AND you can sing as beautiful as the most beautiful bird. And you are one of the most encouraging, uplifting people I've ever met.

I can't believe Will can play all of those instruments... that is amazing! And Laura in Connecticut?! Crazy. Its a beautiful state and I can see her there! And Sam IS a whiz at things... John and I always wonder what Sam would do about various things.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I wish I were apart of your family. You guys are all so wonderful. And you really weren't bragging, it is just plain fact that you're all so marvelous.

Anonymous said...

I just re-read that comment and worried that it sounded like I wanted to officially be in the a proposal or something...I mean, it'd be great to be in your family, but that's not really what I meant.

And now it's awkward...I could delete it, but I'll save you the worry of wondering what crazy person deleted their comment.

laura said...

hutzpah is a sweet word. i'm happy to have it!

and actually the museum is in Vermont. I don't know where I pulled Connecticut from. I don't want to make you be a liar, so I'm letting you know.

We have a good family. i can't wait to see all of us in exactly two weeks!

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