Sunday, December 9, 2007

One week from today . . .

. . . Laura will be home. . . and we'll be ready. No surprise party - she'll be too exhausted for that - but we'll have a relaxed celebration (oxymoron?) , as we walk her upstairs to her room - that still hasn't been remodeled -- so she can go to sleep. Or we might escort her to the den when she can watch tivoed 'The Office'. . . or . . . whatever. It will be HER DAY. The next morning bright and early we'll start cooking and cleaning, running errands, and doing all the other chores that I've waited till she got home to have her do. . . you know, so she'll feel at home. jus kidn.

As for me, right now I'm dead tired. Yesterday Sam and I traveled to and from OK City for the bank Christmas party, where I played my little keyboard. Today I go to the Diamond Oaks Country Club in Haltom City for a North Richland Hills Baptist Church Sunday School department Christmas party. I'm taking my trusty keyboard with amp and will play background music, then accompany a soloist giving a mini-concert. It should be fun. . . but I will be so glad when it will be over. It will mean that my monster week - which really HAS been fun, albeit tiring - is over. I will probably get in my car and go get something really unhealthy to eat- to celebrate. . . like peanut m&ms and a diet coke. (I'm planning my evening.) Then I will get home, get comfortable and go to bed - till Tuesday. Really. I've decided to declare Monday off. I know you might be jealous . . . would that you could declare a day off. Must be nice, huh? Well, I do live a dream life, remember. Someone's got to live it. I was happy to oblige. Happy. Happy.

I'm getting silly. That tells me that I am VERY tired.

One week TLCH . . . just writing that perks me up.

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Anonymous said...

You are so cute sometimes. Most times, really. Probably not at all times, because no one is ever cute ALL THE TIME. But you come very close to it, I'd venture to say. And I did, indeed, venture to say it, because I just did.

I get silly when I'm tired too. Which is why this comment is kind of odd; it's two in the morning and I haven't gotten much sleep this weekend. So I'm a little sleepy...and loopy.

I am SO EXCITED for Laura to get home!!!! I really want to see her hair in person, not just in photos. Plus, ya know, I'd like to see her. She's pretty swell.

I will go to sleep now, don't fret.

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