Thursday, December 20, 2007

Random thoughts . . .

I’m thinking . . .
Alan Keyes is weird. I used to like thim. Now I think he’s a helium-talking wacko. (That may be a little harsh.)
Mike Huckabee MAY be a real presidential contender. The jury is really still out on that, though.
Mitt Romney has seemed to flip flop on so many issues. That’s not too impressive. Also, I just learned that he went to the president of the Mormon church, Gordon Hinckley, to see if he ought to run for president.
I am definitely for a woman president. But NOT for Hillary Clinton. NOT NOT NOT.
Julie Zuefeldt is a FANTASTIC speaker, and a GREAT PERSON all around. I'm a big fan. Hmm. Maybe SHE should run for president?

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