Monday, December 17, 2007

Spider bites . . .

I had some spider bites but now they're better. I noticed them about 2 weeks ago.
I had 1 bite on my neck (right side), 2 bites on the outer part of my right ear, 3 bites where my neck and ear meet, 3 bites on my head, and 1 bite on my chin (lower right corner). At least Sam and I are thinking they were spider bites. They were definitely some kind of bite. They didn't itch, they just hurt (kind of a burning sensation). In two of the places (chin and ear) there are scabs.
I'm telling you this now because, well, I wanted to write something on this blog. Bored, I guess. . . and that's what I was thinking about . And I had forgotten to tell you about it.
So now you know.
And yes, the spider must have been in my bed. I usually sleep on my right side, so I guess that critter just crawled right up and started biting.


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laura said...

sorry about your bites!

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