Friday, December 7, 2007

TEN . . .

Ten days TLCH*!!! (including today)

The party's over . . . and it was so fun, if I do say so. There were 24 people in all, all decked out in their Christmas attire. The food from La Hacienda Ranch was incredible. The Sneaky Santa game was great. I got a large scented candle, Circle E Candles 'Bird of Paradise' scent, which I was told is their most popular scent. I'm burning it now. Oh my. Very nice. Sam got some tools and Will got some tools, also (after stealing them). They were all wowed by our house, particularly our bathroom. Some said they were going to come back with their towels and 'go for a bath'! I told them to call first.

That's my report.
Have a good day.

*Till Laura Comes Home


laura said...

sounds fun! those Lone Star people are neat

Jane said...
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