Monday, December 3, 2007

This Is The Week That Will Be

Decades ago there was a TV show called "That Was The Week That Was". It was a cute look at the past week and included a cute commentary on one or two of the happenings. Well, I'm looking forward with my week - next week I'll look backwards - and am not feeling too 'cute' about the coming days. It will be one of those monster weeks. My writing about it here, hopefully, will help me get it in perspective.

I have four 'gigs' this week - where I go and play Christmas music for Christmas parties. One of those parties I will be singing as well as playing, which ups the stress level considerably (though, I do love the singing part, while I'm doing it). It happened that I got these 'gigs' because I play at the Lonestar Tea Room, and last summer folks 'booked' me way in advance to play at their holiday parties. Lo and behold all of the parties happen to happen in the same week. At the time (last summer) I just smiled and thought, "Whoa, the first week of December will be busy for me."

Well, now it's the first week of December.

Okay, not only do I have these gigs, but I also am hosting the Lonestar (mall and tea room) Christmas party Thursday night here at my house. 26 folks will be in attendance. Fortunately we're having it catered by La Hacienda Ranch (mm), so I won't be cooking. (or paying, Lonestar is footing the bill.) Why did I do this to myself on this busy week? Well, at the time I booked it I thought, no big deal. it will be catered, and I've been telling these folks that I got my house remodeled and they need to come see it, etc, so why not do it Dec. 6? (Note to self: next year remember this year and don't do it again.)

Also I'm taking my Mother to Canton Wednesday for her annual Christmas bridge party. I really - REALLY - want to do this - even though this is a wild week. Actually I kind of want to do this BECAUSE this is a wild week. Getting away for several hours - from what I could be doing here - is a certain therapy for me. Or you could call it an escape. Anyway, while Mother is playing bridge with her good friends I'll be shopping around Canton, and just well, being by myself... which I love. For lunch I'll be eating with the bridge ladies. Fun and yum. Oh, and just so you know, Mother did not ask me to take her. She knew I was busy this week. I was the one who brought it up and wanted to do it. In fact, I insisted.

Hmm. What else? Nothing?

So the week's not so bad. In fact, it sounds exciting. And just writing about it makes it seem manageable. And to think, I don't have finals to study for, and I don't have little children (however darling) to lug around. And for sure, I DO have a big, beautiful home (in my opinion) to share with folks, and I do have a certain talent to share with folks (I've finally quit saying, 'it's nothing.'). Wow. I AM blessed.
Blessed beyond measure.

Now what was I complaining about?


Elizabeth H. said...

What a busy week, but what a FUN week!!! I have no doubt that you will get asked to play for even more Christmas parties after the guests at these parties hear you. I would buy a Christmas CD of your's... in fact, I'd buy several and give them as gifts. Just planting a seed... :)

Drive carefully and have fun partying it up!

Anonymous said...

I'm so bummed that I can't make it to the tea room party on thursday. The ONE thursday that I actually need off is the ONE thursday that they schedule me. That's just how life works sometimes. AND I am supposed to go to TCC Northwest for one of my on-line classes on thursday night, which came out of nowhere by my rather irresponsible teacher, so now I have three places to be that night. I'm curious as to which one I will actually participate in. Your house is the most desired, I assure you. But it may not be the wisest course of action.

Have fun with your gigs!

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