Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 Already!

I actually stayed awake and saw 2008 come in. Everything changed. The lights went off and then on and suddenly there was a beautiful purplish haze all around the house. Then I smelled a most wonderful aroma. Kind of cinnamony spicey, with a touch of peach. I guess that is the 2008 aroma. Then I felt this most warm, glowing feeling, as if I had had a warm drink of some kind of special brandy or something. I wouldn't know - since I've never tasted brandy (except one time I had brandied fruit)- but it tasted like what I thought brandy would taste like. And then . . . I heard the most glorious sound, like angels singing. In four part harmony they sang, "Auld Lang Syne" and suddenly I understood what those words meant: "Old Lady Sighing". . . and I'm sure that she was sighing because she had not done in the previous year what she should have done. And then, finally, the bells started ringing. They were ringing in the new year. Oh, it was marvelous.

So that's what happens. [The last few years I've fallen asleep before midnight of New Years Eve, so I had forgotten how magical it could be.]

And then I said, "Shiloh, I don't think we're in Colleyville anymore."
And then I heard, "Mm jw, mm jw . . . wake up. It's 2008!"

Happy New Year!!


laura said...

haha. you're silly

Nancy said...

Yeah. I was being ridiculous. That is one of my resolutions: let yourself be ridiculous.

Elizabeth H. said...

Letting yourself be ridiculous is tres fun! :)

I like your new layout, too!

Anonymous said...

I love this post. And I love you.

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