Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Huffmans are coming! The Huffmans are coming!

Years ago there was a funny movie with Alan Arkin called THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING! THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING! I can't quite remember what exactly it was about, but I thought I'd put my own twist on its title - with the title of this post.

Tomorrow Princess Caroline will grace us with her presence. I cannot wait!!!! I know she's more mobile than she used to be . . . I just hope her little knees, and the rest of her, don't get too dirty on our floors. I just cleaned them, yes. But I have a bad memory that I've tried to repress: Years and years ago, before we had kids, we had some friends come visit and they had a one year old. I thought my floors were clean. Well little Rebecca showed up and showed me that I DID NOT have clean floors. Oh dear. I'm thinking Caroline might show me the same thing. Oh well . . . a not-so-clean floor might be good for her immune system. You know, give it a workout.

Different subject: we don't have a Christmas tree anymore. We truly have a 'HOLIDAY TREE'. The Christmas ornaments are off and now the Valentines are on!!!! Laura and I got some Valentine cards, and some heart ornaments, and decorated it today. I like it. And that tree just fits in that corner so well I could NOT take it down.

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