Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just stuff . . .

The Imax theater in Colleyville has closed. So much for feeling special. It seems the checks the theater had given to vendors, etc., were bouncing, and its parent company has filed bankruptcy. I was always proud to tell people that my town - which many folks have never heard of - had an Imax theater. I guess pride goes before the fall.

On a more upbeat note: I've been successful this week: I've started exercising and eating better. I got a wake up call with my last blood test: it declared that I was pre-diabetic. HORRORS!! If I can avoid diabetes I am going to avoid it. I watched my dad and my granddad go through the ordeal of insulin tests, and injections, etc., etc., and I WANT TO AVOID THAT!! Yes, indeed.

Oh, I guess you know that Huckabee didn't win the South Carolina primary. Oh well. I was disappointed, but not too terribly surprised.

Have you read my "Just For Fun blog" lately? I've posted some Bob Hope one-liners. I've always LOVED Bob Hope. He spread a lot of love and laughter during his long life. He died in 2003 at the age of 100! (The blog is listed under my "Friends and Family". I consider the blog one of my friends.)

Have a great week!


AL PAL said...

That is horrible news about the imax theatre! at least you can still pride yourself in the grapevine mills mall and the gaylord texan!

Unknown said...

nancy! just wanted to let you know that i love reading your blog, it is full of information and encouragment. Congrats on the diet & exercise!

Elizabeth H. said...

That is sad about the Imax... but Colleyville still has so much character! I cannot wait to be close by!

And awesome news about the diet and exercise... that is a scary diagnosis, but great that you're combatting it!

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