Monday, January 14, 2008

Life's too short . . .

I came across an article on the website of REAL SIMPLE, one of my favorite magazines. I'll copy and paste part of it here: (Actually this is from the blog by the editor, Kristin van Ogtrop). (I think you'll like it).
The Life's-Too-Short List
Some years ago writer Shirley Conran observed that life's too short to stuff a mushroom. I think about that quote all the time and now, in the spirit of New Year's resolutions, I present my own very subjective and by no means exhaustive list.
In my book, life's too short to:
iron cloth napkins
care why Britney Spears is so screwed up
start a plant from seed, unless it's a morning glory
finish a book I don't like
use cloth diapers
boycott boxed macaroni and cheese
go to the office on the weekend
keep a friend who is not nice to me
read more than one article about the impact of Hillary almost crying in New Hampshire.

I (mm jw) could add to that. I bet you could, too.


laura said...

i always feel bad not finishing books, but Shirley is right, I shouldn't waste my time on bad books. Hmph.

caroline said...

how about life is too short for tying shoe laces!
I really love slip on shoes!
also life is too short for pulling weeds... they just grow right back!

Wil Carmack said...

yeah! life is to short to make your bed! and life is to short to live it in a bubble!


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