Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Okay . . .

Okay . . . from now on my posts WILL be true . . . like this one:
I went to the Kimball Art Museum today with Sam and Laura to see the early Christian art on display there now. Oh my. I so enjoyed it. And was so inspired . . . and thankful for my own Christian heritage - in my life, my family of origin, and in my country. And I'm sad that Christianity is being so ridiculed by so many. Well, actually I kind of think that ridicule kind of confirms Christianity's truth. Well, it doesn't need any confirmation, of course.

On another note, tonight my immediate family (S,N,W,L) went out to eat together. We had a wonderful time. We so rarely get to do that - not the having a wonderful time part- but the eating out together part. Anyway, I'm glad we took the time to be with each other. We did a lot of talking, a lot of laughing, a lot of eating, and then we shared a big sopapilla together, which tells you what kind of restaurant we went to. It was so fun. I'm smiling thinking about it.

On still another note, the Iowa caucus will be tomorrow night. I'm hoping Huckabee will come out ahead with the Republicans. I found out that Rush Limbaugh spent much of his time today criticizing Huckabee. Brother. Limbaugh is a piece of work. Too bad he has so much influence. (I used to be a 'ditto-head', but I tired of his rants, so I don't give him a listen anymore.)

On still another note, I finished taking down Christmas late this afternoon. That always feels good, and yet a little sad at the same time.
It was a great holiday season.

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