Friday, January 11, 2008

Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain . . .

We're in Oklahoma. We come every month for 2 days for meetings that, well, are not riveting, but the meals sure are. Then I have to go home and eat Nutrisystem for 2 or 3 days. It's my new monthly cycle. (!)
Anyway, it's been a good meeting but I didn't see the two people whom I wanted to see. . .and to congratulate. They say they're home sick, but I think they're wanting to avoid all of us. We all have advice for them and funnies to tell them, about having children at an old age. None of us are experts at that . . . but we're just glad that THEY are the ones who will be experts, and not us.

Speaking of Oklahoma, I'm the only one in my immediate family (S,N,W,L) who is not an Okie. Before I met my husband I really didn't give north of the Red River much thought. It's not that I now think of it a lot, but when I come here, and when I do think of it it is with admiration. Really. These folks up here have a down-to-earth-ness that you don't get sometimes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Well, you get it more in Fort Worth than in Dallas. Anyway, I like Okies, and am glad I have an OK connection.

It's obvious that I'm trying to find something to write about. I guess I'll go now. We should be heading home soon. And it will be a quiet home. Laura has gone back to Baylor. (I'm thinking she is finding that Florence, Italy and Waco, Texas don't have a lot in common.) Since Will lives in an apartment, well, only Shiloh will be there to greet us. But oh, how excitedly will he greet us.
I think I've said this before: dogs are good for the soul.

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