Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Random stuff . . .

Have you heard of the new makeup trend-- white eye liner? I saw an article about it in a free magazine we get, DALLAS MODERN LUXURY. The models looked like they'd gone to Office Max and gotten some white-out and put on their upper and lower eye lids. Is this the next big thing? I'm ready. I have some white-out in my desk drawer.

I just found out that yesterday was 'free hug' day. Rats. I have to wait a whole year for it to come back around.

I'm reading a book Will gave me for Christmas, MUSICOPHILIA, TALES OF MUSIC AND THE BRAIN, by Oliver Sacks. It is fascinating. Its author wrote the book AWAKENINGS that was made into the famous movie with Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams.

Romney won the Michigan Republican primary. That would have been so sad for him if he hadn't. And that just might help Huckabee in South Carolina. (Sam speculates that now McCain might NOT do well there, since he didn't win Michigan. -- Sam is so smart that I don't have to think for myself.)

I DO think for myself sometimes.

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