Thursday, January 17, 2008

Speaking of cold weather, and then antique malls . . .

You know it's cold outside when Shiloh gets to sleep inside. Bless his heart.

I took some time off yesterday and went to some antique malls that I've been wanting to visit. We always drive past them when we go to Oklahoma each month. We just never leave early enough to scout them out. Plus, I knew I'd enjoy the experience more if I didn't have my hubby in tow (no offense).
Anyway, I went to 2 antique malls north of Denton, in an old outlet mall area. They were really nice and had some great stuff. (I didn't buy anything. I was just looking.) Then I went to Gainesville to check the antique mall there that I see every month when we stop at that Starbucks. Well, rats, they just closed. The man working at the building said there was another antique mall farther in town. I went there. Completely vacant.

It got me to thinking. I love antique malls. . . but I really think they're becoming truly antique. Like the one I'm in -- lots of people (more and more) are coming to eat in the tea room. (I mean, my mother and niece and her family came recently and had to wait 15 minutes to get in!) But all those people are just not shopping in the mall part. More and more of the dealers are leaving because they're not making their rent. The mall fortunately has a waiting list for new dealers, but if they're like I was, they're going to be very disappointed when they put stuff in their new booth, then come back two weeks later and hardly anything is gone!!
Ah, but I do enjoy it so much, which is interesting. I never - ever- thought I'd get into something like having a booth in an antique mall.

Never say never.

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Elizabeth H. said...

It always saddens me that people don't like antique malls... I don't know if its a generational thing or not. A lot of my friends my age aren't big on antique-ing. I like to browse and buy knick-knacks... but its hard to go in with something specific in mind. On the flip side, I think your booth is the perfect answer to an antique mall because the items you have for sale are GOOD items that people can visualize in their homes.

Also, do you think its a lack of advertising? I wonder if antique malls advertised more how their business would do. Many people don't know where they are, and instead, save their energy for the big events like First Monday and Round Top. I think Jennifer could really bring in a lot of shoppers (rather than just diners), if she advertised both the antique side, but also her more modern side with the clothing she does. And another idea would be a 5% off coupon if you eat in the restaurant and purchase something that day. That might give people the incentive to browse some more... or have a little "spotlight on" every week and spotlight a certain booth. The vendor would have to agree to be spotlighted ahead of time so they could spoof up their booth and offer some shopping incentives.

Just some ideas because I'd hate to see the antique malls go out of business over time.

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