Monday, January 28, 2008


Why do they have those word verification thingies? You know, when you leave a comment on some folks' blogs you have to type in the letters of some nonsense word that is written so you can hardly read it. (it IS called WORD verification, by the way, so it must be a WORD.) Is it that they want to know if you have good nearsightedness? OR that you must want to leave a comment so badly that you have to take the time to decipher the nonsense word ? Hmm?

It's early Monday morning. Not much else to think about. Well, there is, but I won't.
EXCEPT that I've been reading in Colossians and am struck by how Paul writes that we are to 'PUT ON' love, 'CLOTHE ourselves' with compassion, kindness, etc., and 'LET the peace of Christ rule in our hearts.' We are to be active in this putting on. It doesn't just happen. There IS a doing on our part, besides the doing of abiding in Christ, that, of course produces fruit, that doesn't require 'effort'. Anyway, for today, I will CLOTHE myself with compassion, kindness, gentleness and patience. It seems I need to put on those last two more than some of the others.

Have a good day.


Unknown said...

speaking of the bible (nice segue, huh), i was wondering if you could give me some insight on matthew 21:18-22. It's about the fig tree and how jesus makes it wither. I know that is a parable and is likening us to a dead tree that bears no fruit, but why does he kill it? is he that hungry? or is he just showing how much he wants us to bear fruit? It just seems that he is unusually angry at a tree for just being out of fruit

...haha a loaded comment, but i've been wondering.

laura said...

i don't know if you actually wanted an answer to your question, but the word verification thingie is to prevent spam. i had a blog a long time ago, and at one point I got about a hundred comments advertising some online gambling website. The word verifcation prevents that from happening, making sure that a real person is making the comment, not just a comupter.

Nancy said...

This comment is for April. Hi April. I would have put this comment on your post, but decided to just do it here- since your question is here.
That is an interesting scripture passage. In fact it's downright weird. Ah, but I found out some things. Did you know that the fig tree was the national symbol of Israel? In fact, the synagogue in Capernaum was (is) decorated in fig trees. (Years ago Sam was there and saw it.) It seems that Jesus may have been announcing to everyone that the nation of Israel was about to be judged for not fulfilling the mission they were given to evangelize the world. So judgment may be the reason the fig tree died.
Oh, and I read that some people have said that Jesus' withering of the fig tree is anti-semitic. That surely would not be right - since Jesus was a Jew, even though he was maybe judging Israel.

Well, that was a long - and maybe too deep - answer to your comment-question. And it may not be the answer to what you were asking, but, well, it was good for me to look into it. . . because I learned some stuff!

I hope that helped!

Unknown said...

thanks so much! it makes much more sense now that the fig tree has a meaning and Jesus wasn't just being hungry & spiteful

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