Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Good grief. I have never been in so much wind in my life - without there being a hurricane nearby. Today I was in Grapevine helping my mother with her booth (see next paragraph). When we went to lunch we had to walk bending over into the wind, so we wouldn't get blown away. Then when we sat down to eat (at that bakery place in Grapevine, Elizabeth) I kept having to tell Mother to make her hair go down in certain places. It kept sticking up. I guess mine was okay, or she was too polite to tell me. Anyway, the wind was FIERCE. The antique mall lady had to keep the front door locked so it wouldn't fly open. Some of the customers told us that other stores were locking their doors for the same reason. It was crazy.

I helped my mother move out of her booth in the little "Corner Store" antique mall in Grapevine today. Taking care of the booth had been getting a little too much for her, plus the rent had gone up this month. It was kind of sad. . . the end of an era for her. We'll put some of her stuff, though, in my booth in my mall so she can still be in the 'antiquing' business somewhat. The other stuff we'll sell in a garage sale in April.

Oh, more on the wind --- I came home and Shiloh's big water thing (the water container part) was blown clear back into the bushes near where Laura parks her car when she's home. It's so far back there - by the fence - that I'm going to have to get some grungy clothes on to go get it.

Oh, and the electricity was out for a long while this morning because of the wind. And all the stoplights around here were off. Everyone was being polite, like at four-way-stops. Those four-way-stops would never work in Brazil, by the way. Or Italy.

I better get my grungy clothes on. Shiloh might be thirsty.


Nancy said...

It's not that Brazilians and Italians aren't polite, they're just not polite when they're driving.

laura said...

crazy! It was really windy here too. The doors to the Science Building almost took a guy's arm off who was walking behind me, and the fountains in front of the Science Building were attacking people. It was pretty funny actually

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