Thursday, February 7, 2008

Good grief . . .

I just went to the Star Telegram website. The top headline listed was this, "Willie Nelson doesn't believe 9-11 story" and the first sentence, "Country music legend Willie Nelson doesn’t buy the story that foreign terrorists attacked the nation on 9-11." Apparently Willie has taken one too many of the drugs he wants legalized. Since Rosie O'Donnell came out saying that she did not believe terrorists caused 9-11 she has, well, not been listened to much. Rosie and Willie probably don't think the Holocaust happened either.

Tonight Sam, Will, Bailey and I had a special early Valentine celebration. Sam and I had been given a restaurant gift certificate by an electrician who has done A LOT of work at our house, and who we've hit it off with. Harley gave us a $50 certificate to 'The Classic Cafe' in Roanoke. It turned out to be a pretty classy place. The fact that the plates were called 'entrees' and the crab cake and grilled shrimp entree (which Sam and I each ordered) was $29 (each) tells you that it was not the kind of eatery you'd expect in Roanoke, Texas, which is famous for BABE'S (a family- style fried chicken place). Anyway, it WAS nice and we had fun. And the food (except Will's featured fish entree) was really good. I don't know if I'll go there again. . . unless I get another gift certificate. And I won't wear my jeans next time.

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