Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hibernating. . .

You know you have low-maintenance house guests when you can tell them, "I don't do Sunday night suppers. You're on your own." 'Course, they (the guests, not the suppers) are really not "house guests" . . . they are FAMILY. John, Elizabeth and little Caroline, they are, and some of the dearest people in the whole wide world, and who(m) I feel EXTREMELY close to.

So I told them to raid the fridge and freezer. . . so I could hibernate in here - my cozy getaway.
Mmm. I'm really a private person. And this privacy is sooooothing.

Thank you, Huffmans.

1 comment:

Elizabeth H. said...

Its been a FUN visit! We'll be sad to leave. And you are a wonderful wonderful hostess! :)


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